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Refund, Return and Cancellation Policy

1. We do understand circumstances change or you might have a change of mind and might want to return the order, however as Alphonso mangoes are a highly delicate and a perishable commodity, we are unable to offer a return or a refund.

2. Once you place an order, we immediately process your order to pluck the best quality Alphonso mangoes4u and then have it delivered straight away to your home. Hence, order once placed and paid for cannot be cancelled. Really sorry about that.

3. Our motto is best quality mangoes at the best price. We take pride in our mangoes and its quality. Hence we would never ever knowingly send bad quality mangoes or damaged boxes to you. We use third-party logistics to get your favourite fruit to you. So in can happen that the container box can get damaged during transit. If you receive your delivery in a damaged box or in an opened state, please call us immediately on the contact number provided in the presence of the delivery guy and refuse the delivery. We will send you a new replacement box free of cost.

4. We always intend to give our customers a bang for their buck. We are the ones who are most pleased when you enjoy your mangoes. But as is usually with nature, mangoes can be quite unpredictable.
Even though they might appear perfectly alright from outside when we pack your order, they can turn out bad from inside in rarest of cases. In the event of such cases, we are unable to offer a return or a refund, howsoever we might want to. Also, its advised that mangoes should be enjoyed within their shelf life of 4-6 days after which their taste starts to degrade and can quickly go bad.

5. In case of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. outbreak of an infectious disease, strikes etc) which impacts the delivery or procurement/plucking of mangoes, we will reschedule the delivery of your order. In the extreme situation that we are unable to fulfil your order, we will inform you at the earliest and offer a complete refund of your payment. (minus credit charges, if payment has been made using a credit card.)