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How It Works

You drool over mangoes

You are lost deep in your thoughts of the juicy, delicious and heavenly Alphonso mangoes. You are almost drooling over them.

You place an order on Mangoes4U

Your Alphonso mango cravings get the better of you and you place an order for premium quality Alphonso mangoes on Mangoes4U.

We pick the juiciest and best Alphonso mangoes for you

Once we get your order, we hand-pick the best quality and almost ripe Alphonso mangoes for you from our mango orchards.

We pack these delicate golden babies with love and care

We carefully pack these luscious golden yellow fruits in specially designed 3 ply corrugated boxes so that you get your mangoes fresh and prime.

We securely transport the mangoes

We hand over your parcel to our world-class logistics partners. You can track your parcel through its every step in the journey.

We promptly deliver the mangoes to your doorstep

Our logistics partners ensure you get your mangoes swiftly delivered to your door-step, no matter where you are located.

You get to enjoy the best quality Alphonso mangoes

You bite into a sweet, juicy and delicious Alphonso mango to transcend yourself into a different world and have an amazing sensous experience. Happy you is happy us.