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10 Best Varieties Of Mangoes In The World



 Mango is unarguably the most delicious delight that Mother Nature has gifted to us. Sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy - mangoes serve a memorable treat every time we devour them.

Mango never fails to amaze me not only with its taste but also with its rich history. There are more than a thousand different varieties of mangoes in the world. I always wondered which of these are the best mango varieties in the world. My curiosity got the better of me and I donned the Sherlock Holmes' hat to answer this riddle. The result of this investigation is this blog. 

Today we will uncover the 10 best varieties of mangoes in the world (in no particular order). As an added bonus, I will also share some interesting anecdotes about each variety of mango. So without any further ado, let's get cracking.

1. Alphonso

Alphonso or Hapus or Hafoos mango

Origin: Konkan, Maharashtra, India

Other Names: Hafoos, Hapus, Alphonse, King of mangoes

Named after the Portuguese general Afonso de Albuquerque, Alphonso mango is known as the King of mangoes. Unparalleled taste and texture make Alphonso the most sought after variety of mango in the world.
Grown in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Alphonso is believed to be the driving force behind Mango being the national fruit of India. Alphonso mango from Konkan region has been awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.
India is the largest producer of mangoes accounting for 40 percent of the world trade. Plus the fifth largest exporter to the world. Famous for its rich taste and fibre-less flesh, an Alphonso mango weighs around 230 to 260 grams. The peak season for this variety starts from March and runs till the start of June. The juicy pulp of Alphonso complements some of the most delicious desserts across the globe. It comes as no surprise as to why Alphonso mangoes top the list of best varieties of mangoes in the world and known as King of Mangoes.


2. Carabao

Carabao Mango

Origin: Philippines

Other Names: Philippine mango or Manila mango

Named after the native water buffalos of the Philippines, Carabao is also among the best varieties of mangoes in the world.
In 1995, Carabao mangoes entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the sweetest variety across the globe. Carabao reportedly has 14 strains, out of which Sweet Elena of Zambles is the sweetest. Carabao mango looks green and tastes sour when unripe and grows into orange-yellow later.
Carabao is often regarded as a symbol of national pride by citizens of the Philippines. The South Asian country is the second-largest exporter of mangoes in the world. Its capital city of Manila plays a key role in the history and trade of mangoes worldwide. Other popular varieties of mangoes in this country are - Apple mango, Horse mango, Pajo (Pahutan), Piko and many more. 


3. Sindhri

Sindhri Mango

Origin: Mirpur Khas, Sindh, Pakistan

Other Names: Honey mango

A large oval-shaped mango, Sindhri stands out among best varieties of mangoes in the world. It is frequently referred to as the Queen of mangoes. Leading with flavour and fragrance, many know the Sindh region of Pakistan due to this mango. Traders and growers credit Sindhri with excellent shelf life and delightful sweetness. It is also grown in Rahim Yar Khan and Multan regions of Pakistan. The peak season for Sindhri starts from mid-May and ends by the last weeks of June. Other varieties of mangoes found in Pakistan - Anwar Ratool, Chaunsa, Saroli, Samar Bahisht, Fajri, Neelum, Almas, Sanwal, Surkha, Sunera and many more. 


4. Sein Ta Lone

Sein Ta Lone mango

Origin: Myanmar

Other Names: Diamond Solitaire mango

'Sein Ta Lone' translates into Diamond mango. These valuable mangoes from Myanmar are most cherished for their non-fibrous and juicy flesh. 15 cm in length and over 3 pounds in weight, the diamond mango looks big and imposing. Diamond mangoes have made its own mark among the best varieties of mangoes in the world.
The orangy fleshed mango dominates the fruit market from April to August. Diamond mangoes are generally grown in the southern parts of Myanmar. The Ma Chit Su, the Mya Kyauk, the Yin Kwal and the Shwe Hintha are some other varieties of mangoes found in Myanmar. 


5. Ataulfo

Ataulfo mango

Credit - Flickr

Origin: Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico

Other Names: Adaulfo, Adolfo or Champagne

Named after the grower Ataulfo Morales Gordillo, this variety of mango can be identified from its golden yellow skin.  Ataulfo mangoes are mainly produced in and largely exported from Mexico. It is best known for its buttery, elegant texture at the peak of its ripeness. Rather than sharing an Indian heritage, Ataulfo is a descendant of Philipino mangoes. Its seedling arrived in Mexico during the 18th-century Manila-Acapulco galleon trade.
In 2016, The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property designated Chiapas state as the origin of Ataulfo. Many consider Ataulfo to be as precious to Mexico as Champagne is to France. Undoubtedly, Ataulfo is one of the best varieties of mangoes in the world. 


6. Haden

Haden mango

Origin: Florida, USA 

Other Names: Hayden

A fantastic story captures the tale of Haden mangoes. A retired US Captain John J. Haden planted four dozen of Mulgoba seedlings on his property - Coconut Grove, Florida. The tree took eight years to grow. Florence Haden, the wife of the late Captain, became the first person to pluck a mango off the Haden tree.
Today, Haden is the most widely produced variety of mango in Florida. Considered among the best varieties of mangoes in the world, Haden has dominant red and hinted yellow hues.
Varieties like Tommy Atkins draw heritage from the Haden seed. Other famous varieties of mango found in the US include - Dot, Angie, Earlygold, Florigon, Gary, Glenn, Lippens and so on. The names are generally derived from the surnames of the growers who first planted the seeds.


7. Julie

Julie mango

Origin: Jamaica (Caribbean)

Other Names: Saint Julian

Descending from the Indian lineage of mangoes, Julie is an all-time favourite from the Caribbean.
Failing to cultivate in the humid climate of Florida, West Indies set the foreground for the produce of Saint Julian. Available throughout the months of May and June, Julie flaunts a green skin and finds itself in an oval shape. The Julie mango tree is famous for its dwarfing growth habit.
Several other varieties trace their roots in Julie seed, like Gary, Carrie, Graham and Sophie Fry. As per reports, The 30th legislature of the US Virgin Islands passed a resolution declaring the Julie mango as the "Virgin Islands Fruit of Choice."


8. Madame Francis

Madam Francis mango

Credit - Mango.org

Origin: Southeast Asia

Other Names: Haitian mango

Loveliest tropical fruit of the Haiti region in the West is none other than Madame Francis. Though being one among the best varieties of mangoes in the world, people find it difficult to pluck Madame Francis in the wild. The reason being its association with the poisonous family of Anacardiaceae plants. However, the mango tastes superbly luscious and a bite of it can be a complete mood-changer! Sweet, strong flavour with some fibres, Madame Francis comes in a medium-sized oval kidney shape. The ripening season for this variety starts from May and remains till July. 


9. Ivory Mango

Ivory mango

Origin: Thailand

Other Names: Jingu mango

Resembling a young elephant's tusk, Ivory mangoes rule the Thai and Chinese mainlands. The thin, elongated shape and lustrous smooth skin are the distinct characteristics of Ivory mangoes. Ivory mangoes have bright yellowish flesh and are not too fibrous. These unique features make Ivory rank among the best varieties of mangoes in the world.
According to reports, Ivory mangoes were first introduced in Yunnan, China from Thailand in 1914. And interestingly, the first tree which was planted still grows in the Chinese mainland and once produced more than 500kg of fruit in a single year.


10. Kensington Pride

KensingtonPride mango

Origin: Australia

Other Names: Bowen special

In the late 1880s, the original tree emerged in Bowen, Queensland. Many call it the Pride of Bowen and there are many stories attached to its origin.
One such story recounts a specimen of mango seed been delivered to Bowne Harbour and Customs officer GE Sandrok. He then distributed it to local farmers like Mr McDonald and Mr Harry Lot. They grew the seeds on their properties near Bowen. One of their properties was called Kensington.
Today, the Kensington Pride mango is the largest cultivated commercial crop in Australia. The round-shaped mango has a sweet and spicy taste which reportedly accounts for 80 percent of the mango market. The ripening season for Bowens begins in September and lasts till March. Clearly, Kensington pride makes a place for itself among the best varieties of mangoes in the world. 

Hurray! we travelled through so many different countries and continents to find our 10 best varieties of mangoes in the world. Hope you enjoyed reading about each mango and its own little juicy story.

My personal favourite though was, is and will always be Alphonso mango aka King of Mangoes. Do let me know which is your favourite mango by leaving a comment below. 

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